Automotive In automotive technology, plastic solutions open up a wide range of possibilities for performance optimization.
Industrial Equipment Konzelmann brings the right material brought into the right shape – for your industrial application.
Medical Equipment Highly specialized components and devices for human and dental medicine.
Industrial Equipment
Medical Equipment

Innovations in Plastic

Konzelmann GmbH, shortly KKI -> Konzelmann Kunststoff Innovationen, headquartered in Löchgau between Stuttgart and Heilbronn in southwestern Germany, develops and produces high-quality plastic injection molding products.

For more than 60 years now, we have planned, developed, and manufactured high-precision components and complex assemblies made of polymeric materials for the medical, automotive and industrial sectors. Our extensive experience has made us a market leader in the fields of highly specialized technical applications.

Our commitment to continuous development enables us to offer you a wide array of technological expertise. True to our maxim 'Plastic, the material that combines ecology and economy' we have driven forward friction optimization and emissions reductions in the fields of tribology and fluid power. In the medical segment, our key focus is on equipment engineering.

By offering solutions tailored to your wishes and requirements, we support your product development processes with manufacturing and technical expertise or provide substantive guidance on request.


Safety Systems for eMobility for Li-ion-batteries and immersion cooled batteries.
In membrane technology, you receive customized or standardized machine components, as a bursting element or for pressure compensation.
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Hydrodynamic 3D Plain Bearing

Outperform the competition through safe application with a robust system and extended service life. The NEW hydrodynamic 3D-Plain Bearing combines the properties of a radial and axial plain bearing. Therefore, the forces are absorbed in both directions. Thus, two individual plain bearings merge into one component and your complete system is simplified. A plain bearing type that will also be used in many new e-mobility applications.

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Our experience in the selection of plastics and the production of plastic components flows into the development of safety-relevant components. One focus is the emergency degassing of battery housings and battery cells for immersion-cooled lithium Li-ion batteries.

Membrane Technology

Innovative solutions in pressure compensation and emergency degassing.

Customized Advice

Our specialists will provide customized advice and support – from the initial idea to successful realization.



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