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Tips for Your Application

You are welcome to send an unsolicited application to Konzelmann. Complete application documents are essential to be well prepared for a job interview. We have prepared some useful tips to help you avoid typical mistakes.

Your application should contain the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Diplomas and certificates

Cover Letter

It is very important that your application is clear and easy to read. The cover letter should be concise and comprehensible, and briefly include any relevant information about you.
Describe what knowledge you have and why you are applying at our company.
This helps us get an idea about you.

The information you provide in the cover letter must be in conformity with the curriculum vitae. Please let us know your personal contact details, such as telephone number and e-mail.

Curriculum Vitae

A clearly organized CV in tabular form, preferably with photo, is sufficient. All relevant information about your background (school degrees, practical activities, further education, voluntary activities, hobbies, etc.) should be clearly and systematically presented.
To show us what you have done in your previous professional positions,
list them in key points with a short description.

Certificates / Diplomas

Relevant certificates round off your application. Relevant means: We do not need every report from fifth grade up to high school graduation, but only your school leaving certificate and most recent credentials. It is also important to mention professional qualifications and university degrees!

should include their final school or university certificate, as well as Bachelor's and/or Master's certificate (if appropriate also internship certificates and other credentials) in their application.

should include work or internship certificate as well as the school, university and vocational training diploma(s) in their application.

School students
should include leaving certificates or half-year reports (if applicable, Qualipass or other internship confirmations and assessments) in their application.

should include Abitur certificates and university interim certificates (if appropriate, also internship certificates and other credentials) in their application.