Training Details

As a Toolmaker you are involved in all areas of metalworking (drilling, turning, milling and erosion) and assembly. Your main field of activity is the production of injection molds for the serial production of our plastic parts, as well as maintenance and repair of molds. Your activities as a toolmaker include challenging control tasks in our computer-controlled machine park.

What do you bring to the job?

A very good lower secondary school (Hauptschule) or technical secondary school (Werkrealschule) certificate, or a good secondary school (Realschule) certificate.
Spatial imagination and logical thinking, craftsmanship and technical interest (dimensional accuracy and stability), sense of responsibility for independent work and pleasure in teamwork.

Theoretical training:

Bietigheim Vocational Training Center, 1–2/weeks

Training period:

3 ½ years

Practical training:

The basic metal training is conducted in our own training workshop. This is followed by a technical training course in the tool shop and other selected departments.

Send your application documents to

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