Membrane Technology

Customised or standardised membrane applications, as a burst element or for pressure compensation

  • Expertise
  • Efficient membrane technology made of polymers

Bursting and pressure compensation

Burning and exploding electric vehicles are the nightmare scenario of electric mobility. We have developed solutions for this that protect battery modules and thus their lives. The basis is our Berstring® with which we can reduce the number of components to a minimum while also realizing the lowest installation heights. It is designed as a configurable functional unit, which can therefore be easily controlled.

By advancing in parallel universal burst & pressure compensation specimens (ROBB), customized component design, and multiphysics simulation, we have developed a smart methodology to greatly reduce development time and create tools for prototyping from original materials in a targeted manner.

Own development

Our experience in the selection of plastics and the production of plastic components flows into the development of safety-relevant components. One focus is the emergency degassing of battery housings and battery cells. We combine this emergency degassing function with pressure compensation functions.
Our product development methodology is based on the logical continuation of ventilation solutions in cooling circuits, transmission and differential housings.

Own test laboratory

In the beginning was the word ...
Measurable means controllable. To back up our simulation, we have our own test facilities for function, material and protection class tests up to IPx9k. They are the decisive component for securing and shortening our development times. All our customer-specific new developments undergo standardized tests in order to provide you with the best possible support for the integration of our components and assemblies.