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A perfect way to start our training

We'd just arrived at the company, and things immediately took off. We, the 'newbies' in our 1st year of training, were invited by our company to attend an introductory week at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Ludwigsburg. More than 150 apprentices from the whole district took part. Right at the beginning we were divided into 5 groups of about 30 apprentices each. We were a pick and mix of many different careers, from industrial management assistant up to warehouse logistics operators. Various lecturers informed us about the aspects of our dual training, such as rights and duties of an apprentice, occupational therapy, the legal form of a company, what to consider in the remuneration or savings plan, and how to generally behave at the company. As a project, each group set up a fictitious company which manufactured skateboards. We – the 3 KKI apprentices – were responsible for the design and manufacture of one of two prototypes for our company, Skatefornia. At the end of the week a fair was held where each of the established companies presented their skateboards. All vocational trainers were invited to the event, where they could choose their favorite company at the end. The winner was then awarded a prize. And what can I say, thanks to our great cooperation our group won a deserved victory. It was great that we also had the opportunity to meet our future classmates. Overall, the vibes were great and the collaborative work was really fun. We had a great 1st week of vocational training and look forward to more!

Maximilian Ast, Process Mechanic, 1st year of training

The introductory seminar was extremely interesting and instructive, and made it a little easier to get started in working life because it gave an impression of what to expect.

Emily Schwadtke, Industrial Management Assistant, 1st year of training

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