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Apprentice Excursion 2016: Instinctive 3D Archery

Apprentice Excursion 2016: instinctive 3D Archery

In this year's apprentice excursion, we set off to OX-Bow Archery in Jagsthausen after gathering for a breakfast together. There we received basic instructions into the art of instinctive shooting with bow and arrow. After dividing into groups, we started a course through the nearby forest where we could practice our skills by 'shooting' a variety of rubber animals, from small squirrels to large bison. All in all, it was an unforgettable day and a great experience that will be remembered by all apprentices for a long time.

Report by J. Escher (Toolmaker, 2nd year of training) and F. Burma (Process Mechanic, 2nd year of training)

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