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BANE Vocational Training

On 09/14/2016 and 09/15/2016, the BANE Vocational Training Fair was held for the first time in the ballroom Alte Kelter in Besigheim, a municipality in the district of Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg. The fair was attended by companies from the region Neckar-Enz near Stuttgart in southern Germany. We from Konzelmann also participated. Many interested students from the surrounding schools, mainly from grades 8-10, came with their teachers or parents. We – my training officer, Mrs. Ruof and I – had plenty of great conversations during the two days. We tried our best to help the young people in their upcoming career choice. Many visitors wanted to know what our company produces and what training courses we offer.

It was overall a successful event that we hope to attend next year again. (E. Schwadtke, Industrial Management Assistant, 1st year of training)

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