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Learning Factory 4.0 at our Vocational Training Center

In summer 2015, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance issued a competition to promote the development of learning factories 4.0 in vocational schools.

Our Bietigheim-Bissingen Vocational Training Center is one of the locations sponsored by the initiative. In an area of about 220 square meters, a training workshop 4.0 will be set up, where students will work on the production of a model vehicle.
We are all very excited about the implementation of the project at the beginning of the next school year.

S- Benedetto (Toolmaker, 3rd year of training)

Production Process

The production process begins with removal of a chassis from the rack.  In the first processing station, the later underside of the chassis is lasered from above with a Trumpf marking laser. After the chassis is turned, a hole pattern is drilled into the chassis by a CNC controlled drilling machine. A portal feeding system positions the front axles on the chassis. At the next station, the rear axle is mounted with a pull-back motor by the collaborating robot. The robot then mounts the correct order-specific body. A camera system detects the bearing location of the car body and reports it to a production control computer. The robot-mounted body has pins, which are heated and deformed by a hot punch, so that the body is permanently and firmly connected to the chassis. At the Quality Gate, the model car is captured by an industrial camera and certain quality features are checked  (presence of axles). A downstream electro-pneumatic sorting device transports the defect-free model cars into an output tray and the rejects into a reject tray.

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