Dritev 2019

Dritev 2019...

The international VDI conference Dritev -Transmission in Vehicles in Bonn, Germany, is an important venue for all matters relating to transmissions, and with more than 1,000 experts one of the largest industry meeting points for automotive transmission development in Europe. The event held at the World Conference Center in Bonn features a wide variety of lectures as well as a flanking exhibition. Every year we have the opportunity to talk with top decision-makers from the transmission industry and to set the course for our company's future development. This year again, we held very interesting discussions and could deepen our relationships with customers and suppliers. The world of transmissions is currently navigating the tensions between increasing CO2 emissions in vehicle fleets, an explosive increase in drivetrain variants and regulatory interventions by governments. Many questions are still open and issues unresolved. That’s why companies are pursuing a variety of drivetrain strategies that will lead to a comprehensive electrification of the drivetrain. We are excited what will happen in the future.

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