Innovation in vehicle engineering: Konzelmann presents pressure equalization element PEE for shielding gearboxes during wading

Konzelmann GmbH, one of the leading companies in the development of polymeric innovations for the automotive, medical and industrial sectors, is presenting its latest product innovation: the pressure equalization element PEE. The pioneering technology was developed to provide optimum protection for vehicles during wading while reducing production costs and time to market.

The increasing weather extremes in recent years, including heavy rain and hail storms with an increasing risk of flooding, have raised the demands on vehicles and their wading capabilities. Drivers are often faced with the difficult choice of either taking detours or the risk of driving through water when tunnels or underpasses are flooded. In these situations, water or mud can quickly enter the gearbox and everything comes to a halt.

Innovative design

Konzelmann’s PEE offers a revolutionary solution to this problem. In contrast to the conventional hose constructions on the B-pillar, which were previously used for wading, the PEE is a simpler and more efficient technical solution. This pressure equalization element is installed directly on the housing of the e-axle and prevents over- and underpressure by equalizing pressure differences and protecting the inside from contamination and ingression of liquids. The valve in the PEE operates at 70 mbar, which corresponds to a water column of 27.5 in/70 cm, and withstands contact with common vehicle fluids.

Contrary to a hose for ventilation, the PEE is permanently installed on the housing of the e-axle. The pressure equalization valve, which prevents overpressure, allows the pressured gas to escape into the environment via an opening in the vent housing side. At the same time, pressurized air can flow into the housing, passing through an air-permeable but watertight membrane. This membrane works with an internal pressure of 3 bar, which corresponds to a water column of 98.4 feet/2.5 m, and blocks not only liquids but also dirt particles to protect the e-axle from contaminants.

"With the PEE, we are setting a new standard in vehicle engineering. Our technology enables vehicles to be more resistant to the challenges of modern traffic and, at the same time, to optimize production processes," says Volker Buchmann, Business Development Manager at Konzelmann.

Comprehensive tests

Konzelmann has extensively tested the pressure equalization element and developed a test bench that adapts the function of the pressure equalization valve to the requirements of all gearboxes and manufacturers. This allows the system to perform optimally when wading without the membrane being clogged by oil. The product innovation can be used in all vehicles and drive types, is easy to install and saves valuable installation space and time.

"The decisive factor is to know exactly what happens in a gearbox when it is under load and to develop a valve that can be optimally designed for the requirements," says Buchmann.

SOP planned for 2024

The PEE is currently in the testing phase at an OEM – the start of production is planned for 2024. Thanks to this pioneering innovation, manufacturers will be able to ensure that their vehicles function optimally even under extreme conditions in the future, while also benefiting from the advantages of more efficient production.


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