Improving health and well-being.

Workplace Environment

Sustainability at the workplace can reduce or prevent environmental and social risks related to the production and use of goods. The focus is on all the resources, including human resources. The responsibility for sustainable living and working lies with every individual – the person makes the difference.

Responsible Nutritional Offers

Konzelmann contributes to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for its employees. Health-conscious practices boost satisfaction and happiness, which ultimately also benefits the company.
A healthy lifestyle – including sustainable consumption – contributes significantly to a positive quality of life. For this reason, our canteen offers exclusively fresh foods from regional sources. We only offer MSC-certified fish that meet strict sustainability criteria.

Konzelmann Keeps Thing on the Move

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle that maintains vitality and mobility into old age are evident in the face of steadily rising health costs and overwhelmed health care systems.

Konzelmann offers its employees a wide variety of opportunities to keep their body and mind fit:

  • In-house fitness facilities that can be used around the clock
  • Freelance trainer and health manager who can be booked for individual health needs
  • Sponsored participations in sports events, such as company runs, etc