Injection Molding Technology

Solutions for reliable dimensional accuracy and optimal performance of your components.

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  • We Manufacture Your Plastic Injection Molding from 0.05 g to 1000 g

Plastic Injection Molding Parts from 0.05 g to 1,000 g

The quality of plastic components is primarily determined by the quality of the injection mold. And the production chain is only as strong as its weakest link – another argument in favor of Konzelmann.

High Process Quality Guarantees High and Tight Precision Manufacturing

Our injection molding processes ensure dimensional accuracy of the component over the entire production run. We achieve the necessary consistent process capacities through continuous investments in our machine fleet, peripheral equipment and removal systems, etc. Konzelmann's cutting-edge machinery currently comprises 41 injection molding machines which can be used in a wide variety of ways:

  • We produce components with weights ranging from 0.05 g to 1000 g.
  • Processing of special polymers such as PEEK, PEAK, PAI, PPS, PEI, PI, PPSU; PA; PC, PBT, TPU as well as all conventional thermoplastics is our daily life.
  • We achieve extremely high cost-effectiveness through product-specific automation.
  • Always the right type of machine for your product: We manufacture on hydraulic, hybrid or fully electric machines.
  • Thanks to our control center and manufacturing execution system (MES), we ensure state-of-the-art, efficient and cost-effective production.
  • Naturally, we pay attention to highest cleanliness of the equipment.