Lower carbon footprint through friction reduction

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  • Research and testing laboratory for tribological systems

Research and testing laboratory for tribological systems

In many applications, surface contacts determine the functional interplay of components and thus the effect of the overall product. Tribology – the theory of friction and wear – describes the interaction of these contacts. Konzelmann has excellent, long-standing expertise in this area, from which a broad variety of innovative solutions have emerged.

Polymers Materials Are Often Superior to Metals

Polymers are often significantly superior to metallic materials in their dry run and mixed friction properties, making them the perfect material for the transfer of high loads. This requires knowledge of the properties of each polymer material under given boundary and load conditions. If necessary, these properties can be precisely tailored to the desired application through targeted admixture of fillers and reinforcing materials.

In-house Tribology Laboratory

In our laboratory, we characterize in detail a wide range of polymer materials. To do this, we examine mechanical properties and perform statistically validated measurements on our pin-on-ring tribometer. On the basis of detailed in-house analysis and advanced analytical investigations by external laboratories, we develop the optimum solution for every requirement.
This is closely connected to the fluidic design of frictional contacts for lubricated applications that take advantage of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic effects. Here, too, Konzelmann has made pioneering contributions.